What might you find in your pocket?

I pulled out an old jacket to wear to Lodge tonight, wool and still in good condition. I felt something in the pocket, and memories rushed back to me. It was something from January 14th, 1998! A small folded paper program.

Worshipful Brother Richard Harrellson was a tall red-headed fella with a beard to match. He was a butcher, the best meat cutter that Harris-Teeter ever had. He had a red Chevrolet pick-up, and loved to deer hunt (one of the “Oak Grove boys” from Kings Mountain).

Brother Richard was also a big inspiration to me when I first came into the Lodge. WB Paul Owens was my catechism coach, but Richard was the one who kinda took me under his wing and explained how things worked in the Lodge. He helped me learn my parts and was never too busy to listen to me, making the same few mistakes over and over again, until I had learned whatever part I was working on – letter perfect. He coached many Brothers who entered the door of Fairview Lodge No. 339, and to all he became a friend.

Ten years ago… I was standing as an Honor Guard at his Viewing – at Oak Grove Baptist Church. The line went on for hours. The next day, he was given his last Masonic Rites by one of the largest crowds I have ever seen at a funeral. He was loved by all and I still think of him pretty often, and I tell this story.Jesus teaching how to pray

Some good memories, from a little piece of paper. Inside was written… “the Lord’s Prayer” and the date of the service. What might you find in your pocket? Just thinking… Clayton


All-Seeing Eye?

Helix Nebula Taken by NASA’s Hubble Telescope

What an amazing sight! Even though I have seen this before it still inspires wonder.

Look into the night sky… and wonder.

Who is John Gault?

A recurring line in a book by Ayn Rand. Just a book, only words on a page. The last few weeks, I have been reading “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged”. Timeless stories that talk about freedom of thought and self-worth. I really enjoyed them, I think you would too.


2007 Fall Reunion Class

Fall 2007 Class

Check out Bugsport! I luv this guy!

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